Pop-In is Nordstrom's rotating pop-up shop curated by Olivia Kim, and my first one was a beast.

For our partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow's goop, I worked closely with the designer to concept and execute six guides tailored to goop's focus on wellness in the modern world. Each guide featured original long-form content and product spotlights alongside quotes from Gwyneth, Olivia and goop's editors. I consulted with goop Head of Content Elise Loehnen to ensure the Pop-In aligned with their brand vision, and worked closely with goop editors, including Jean Godfrey-June and Thea Baumann, to create features and editorial quick hits that appeared throughout. 

The result was a lot of content that carefully balanced the Pop-In's irreverence with goop's lifestyle offerings. 

Art Direction & Design: Daphne Hsu 



Six weeks, six guides. Click to explore each one.


The guides included long-form features written by me ...

... and goop editors. (Recipes, too!)


Multiple emails every week promoted the shop, the giveaways and the featured guide. Here's one from launch week.



I also created signs for the eight in-store experiences, from romance and product copy to information about the shop, the giveaways and personal appearances by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jean Godfrey-June and Thea Baumann.