Nordstrom x Nike

Conceived as a place to spotlight the latest Nike releases, champion creativity and launch a thousand outfits with its curated product mix, the Nordstrom x Nike concept shop has transformed during my tenure from a women-only space to a cross-gender experience. What’s stayed the same: the voice (relevant and real) and the vision.

In this world, Nike exists beyond the bounds of trainings and 10Ks, leg days and rest days. From concept and styling to imagery and copy, we’ve dismantled the idea of a Here wardrobe and a There wardrobe in favor of the boundaryless mashup model of getting dressed.


I reinforce the art director’s vision with impactful editorial copy in these immersive site experiences.

NxN Back to School site experience.png



Summer Dazed


We also highlight the newest releases on the NxN landing page, where I merge the Nordstrom voice with Nike’s direction and stay true to the brands of both.

City Ready Collection


Kendrick Lamar x Nike Cortez