Pop-In@Nordstrom Eats More

For summer 2018’s first Pop-In, the designer and I were challenged to create a site experience that seamlessly merged two distinct product offerings: the food and drinks we’d be selling in stores, and the kitchen tools, serveware and other inedibles we’d have on the site. Our solution was a robust guide that followed a dinner party’s phases of prep, party and cleanup. (Imagine one long horizontal scroll, impossible to recreate on Squarespace.)

I concepted and executed every piece of copy, conducting and culling Q&As for tips, writing long-form pieces about CAP Beauty’s Kerrilynn Pamer and Hedley & Bennett founder Ellen Bennett, and crafting quick-hit product details for an assortment that was changing up to the very last minute.

We even printed a zine with extra features from chefs and experts, including recipes, a party playlist and three takes on a perfect cheese plate.

Art Direction & Design: Daphne Hsu 




Long-form pieces punctuated the site experience, like this one about Ellen Bennett’s brunch parties.


Short, playful videos were also embedded throughout. (Shoutout to Daphne for the garnish vid’s Cardi B reference.)



Our emails and banners highlighted different categories of product.



Eats More shop.jpg